Tuition and Fees

Tuition Deposit

$100.00 per student ($200.00 per family)

Tier One

Nursery – age 2, 3; Pre-K – age 4 (potty trained only)

Half Days (7:45-11:30 a.m.)

$ 31.00/day

Half Day Week

$ 108.00/week- $3888/year

Full Days (7:45-2:30)

$ 36.00 /day

Full Day Week

$ 128.75/week- $4635/year
  • Half Day Snack included
  • Full Day Snack and Lunch is included

Tier Two

Grades K – 5

First Child

$ 4635

Second Child

$ 4244

Third Child

$ 3980

Family Tuition Cap

$ 13,000

Tier Three

Grades 6-8

Per Student

$ 4800

Family Tuition Cap

$ 14,000
  1. Tuition deposit is applied to the total family tuition cost. This deposit is non-refundable.
  2. Subsequent child discounts are applied to children in K-6th only and applied after students in Tier 3
  3. No family will pay more than the family cap.


New Life Baptist Church member

$ 1125

Pastor, Missionary, or Veteran

$ 1125


$ 500 per student

(6th -8th graders with above a 95% average the previous year)


awarded by need

Paid-in-full tuition by the first day of school

10% off the total

Two payment plan

5% off the total

(due the first day of school and February 1st)

Scholarships do not apply to Nursery or Preschool students.
All applicants must complete an application.

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