When does enrollment open?

Applications for admission are accepted throughout the year. While most students enroll prior to the start of the school year (we generally follow the Spencer-Van Etten public school calendar), parents will often enroll their children after the school eyar has begun. We have had enrollments as late as May for students who are completing their academic year just six weeks later.

What supplies do my kids need?

Please click this link or see our School Supplies List on our Forms and Policies page.

What is your curriculum like?

Our academic program is comprehensive and builds toward developing a Christian worldview that encompasses critical thinking skills. To that end, we do not follow the Common Core curricula or standards. We enable children to succeed academically and in life skills so that they can interact with an ever changing world in ways that honor God and glorify our Lord Jesus Christ. In the Elementary grades, the curriculum is primarily the A Beka program developed at Pensacola Christian College. There are a few classes in the higher grades that are produced by Bob Jones University. As students enter into Middle or High School the curriculum is generally Bob Jones University Press material. Earning a New York State Regents Diploma is an option parents and students may choose. For more information, please contact the Administrator at 607.589.6366. We are affiliated with the Alpha Omega Academy and students have an option of taking online classes that we may not routinely offer.