Student Handbook

This version of the student handbook reflects the most recent version of the handbook.   Any discrepancies between the hard copy version and this version are overridden by this version.   The specific NSCA Policy documents that support the handbook are the final word on NSCA Policy and procedure.   Where no official policy and procedure exists, this online version of the handbook is considered our most current and accurate policy and procedure.


The NORTH SPENCER CHRISTIAN ACADEMY was established in February, 1979. The membership of Bible Baptist Church of North Spencer unanimously voted to open the Academy in September of 1979 and elected a Board of Education. Mrs. Anita Lockwood, Mrs. Joyce Pasto, Mr. Daniel Wagner, Mrs. Jean Wetherbee, and Mrs. Josephine Wilson served on the first Board under the guidance of Pastor Homer Wetherbee. The doors opened on September 5, 1979, with an enrollment of 28 children in Grades K-6. Anticipating future growth, the new building was completed in 1982. In September of that year, the doors opened to eighty-five students in grades K-10. In November, a preschool program was started. By June, 1983, 92 students were enrolled. The first graduating senior was honored at graduation services in June, 1985. The enrollment over the next two years was 100+ including the preschool. All of the second floor classrooms, the science lab, restrooms, gym, stage and kitchen were completed for use by the 1985-86 school year. Currently, NSCA has a student body of approximately a hundred students, in Nursery to Twelfth grade.


North Spencer Christian Academy exists to glorify God by providing academic excellence within a sound, Biblically integrated program, in order to assist parents and church in equipping students for Christian living and service in today’s changing world.


Our philosophy of education is carried out in our Christian Academy in the various disciplines.

LANGUAGE: Language is a unique gift from God to mankind. Adam and Eve were able to talk with each other and with God from the moment of their creation. God gave them the gift of language and they have passed on the gift to their children and to us. Language must be taught from the Christian perspective. God is a God of order, laws, and rules. His gift of language typifies His orderly character. The study of language is the study of those rules that govern it. In English we have eight parts of speech. In order to communicate effectively through their speech or writing, children must learn about those building blocks of language. They must learn how the blocks are put together to make sentences in an orderly fashion. God is the designer of language. Therefore, there are absolute rules of language that must be obeyed.

LITERATURE: Literature is the study of what man has done with God’s gift of language. The study must include the best examples of man’s writing down through the ages. Whatever is studied must be morally and spiritually uplifting. Literature for children will be carefully assessed before using it. Because “the pen is mightier than the sword”, children must be grounded in the very best literature and ideas.

MATHEMATICS: Math is the study of one aspect of the orderliness of God’s creation. Math has absolute rules that are true for all time. Children must begin to learn the rules in Kindergarten and build on that knowledge throughout their education. Math is a tool for studying God’s creation.

SCIENCE: Science is the study of God’s universe. Every scientific discovery should lead man to an even greater awe of God’s mind. Children must be taught that God created this universe out of nothing; that God created man’s body out of the dust of the earth; that all scientific discoveries are a part of God’s revelation of Himself and His mind to mankind. The theory of evolution must be taught as such: a theory that has never been proven. True science and the Bible are in perfect agreement because they both reveal God’s truth about the workings of the universe.

HISTORY: History is the study of what man has done with the time God has given him. All civilizations are not equally good. The degree to which they have followed the revealed truth of God for mankind determined the worth of the civilization. History should be taught from the Christian perspective. A culture has value in God’s eyes directly in proportion to the degree it is established on and follows Christian, Biblical principles. History can be taught from this perspective.

BIBLE: Bible study is recognized for its fundamental importance and is a required subject. It augments the study of English, history, geography, and science. Bible studies help a child to see the world as God sees it, enabling the child to develop a biblical worldview. The Bible gives direction for this life and the only hope for the next life to come. No other book can so enrich the minds and hearts of men as “The Book of Books.” Knowledge of the Bible is one of the greatest educational assets anyone can have in addition to the moral and spiritual values resulting from the study. Character development is the most important of the school. No other course offered in the school affords greater opportunities for laying the foundation for Christian character. Students should own a King James Version of the Bible.


Parents and students are responsible to be familiar with the contents of this handbook. Enrollment constitutes acknowledgement that parents understand and agree that they, and their students, will support and uphold these policies and procedures.


In case of absence, the parent must write a dated note to the office explaining the reason for the absence. This note must be sent the day a student returns from an absence. NSCA does not differentiate between  excused and unexcused absences.  Students and parents need to make arrangements with their teacher(s) to make up any work that may have been missed.   An academic performance review will be conducted for any student who is absent 30 days or more.  As a result of that review, the student may not be promoted to the next grade level. Formal notice of the review and it's findings will be presented to the student's parents.  

From time to time, extended personal illness prevents a student from attending school.   Please contact the NSCA office if this is the case, we're are more than willing to come alongside families to work out a situation that is best for the student.

IMPORTANT: Family vacations and trips should be scheduled during school vacations. It is often difficult for a child to make up work missed during an absence. It is also onerous to continually ask faculty to prepare special materials for students.   Please notify your student's home room teacher and the NSCA Office if an extended absence (more than one day) is known in advance.


NSCA measures student achievement with the Standford Achievement Test and the Otis-Lennon School Ability Test.    Testing is administered in the Spring of each year.   This testing is conducted to assess our students against independent national benchmarks.   Results are shared with parents after testing is completed.


The North Spencer Christian Academy accepts students of all denominations (or no denomination) who demonstrate academic readiness and whose parents demonstrate a cooperative attitude with respect to our educational objectives. No student will be denied admission because of race, national or ethnic origin, color, or gender. Parents do not need to be members of the North Spencer Baptist Church to send their children to NSCA. A probationary period of six (6) weeks for all new students will be required for final appointment to grades. Notification of any grade change will be made following the probationary period. New students will be accepted, all other things being equal, in order of receipt of application and fee.


A child entering the kindergarten program must be five years old on or before December 1 of the school year. At the time of enrollment, the child’s birth certificate, proof of physical examination, and immunization records from the doctor’s office that include polio, measles, mumps, rubella and varicella must be turned into the NSCA office.


Parents must complete an NSCA Application for Enrollment form and return it with a non-refundable Registration Fee before admission will be considered. Families can fill out one form for their entire family. The Administrator may interview the applying student and parent before the application is approved. NSCA will request your student's school transcript for all students attending NSCA for the first time in grades 1-12.   Pending that review, your student may be tested for grade placement. Placement of a new student rests with the faculty and/or Administrator. Parents will be notified of acceptance or rejection. If a student is rejected, the Registration Fee, less $25.00 per student, will be refunded.   Parents who register, but withdraw their student for any reason surrender their registration fee.


The NSCA after school period is from 2:45-3:15 and will be used for activities and student xtra help. Elementary extra help will be offered on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday. High school extra help will be offered on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday.   Other arrangemnts may be made between the teacher, student, and parents if necessary.


Children in Grades Nursery, Pre-K, K, 1, 3, and 7 should have proof of an annual physical. Forms may be obtained in the office to give to the child’s physician. Students in the specified grades may be given a physical by the local school district if one is not obtained privately.


Please adhere to the following procures in order to facilitate a safe and efficient arrival and dismissal for all students.

In the morning, students that arrive early must go to the cafeteria(Early Bird).   Faculty and staff meet and pray in the morning and need time to prepare to receive students each day.


  • Everyone is to enter through the main front doors of the school.
  • Students can be dropped off at the school starting at 7:45 am.  They will need to go directly to the cafeteria until dismissed by teacher.
  • Bussed students that arrive prior to 8:00am need to put backpacks away and go directly to the cafeteria(Early Bird) until dismissed by teacher.
  • Bussed students that arrive after to 8:00am need to put backpacks away and go directly into their classrooms.
  • Parents who drop off students please be sure not to block Bus Lane* located at the front of the school. If parent need to walk in their child, please park in normal parking.
  • School officially starts at 8:05, if your child arrives after 8:15 you will need to sign them in at the office. Middle School/High School Home room starts at 8:05.
  • Students having repeated tardies may be given a detention or other disciplinary action for being continually disruptive.

* Bus Lane: This is the area between the fence by the blue doors all the way to the roadside mail box. This area must be clear of parked or standing cars from 7:45-8:15am and 2:15 – 2:45 pm each day.


 School officially ends at 2:30pm. Students will either wait for their bus or parent in the designated area.

  • Nursery and K4 students will be dismissed to the upper hallway past the office.
  • Kindergarten – 12th grade will dismiss to the gym.
  • Parents picking up children need to avoid the Bus Lane, park in the normal parking area.
  • Students picked up by parents need to sign out students. Student Signout Sheet is located outside of the office.
  • Everyone is dismissed through the main front doors of the school
  • If a student is staying after school, and is under 14, that student must be assigned to adult for supervision (a coach, club leader, faculty, parent  volunteer, etc.)   Students may not be left unattended. If unattended a parent will be called.


If the Spencer-Van Etten School District closes or delays due to severe weather conditions, North Spencer Christian Academy will close at the same time. Many other local school districts bus students to NSCA.  Those bussing schedules are subject to local district delays or closings.   NSCA will make every attempt to accomodate these situations. Parents may make personal transportation arrangements to get students to school on time.  School closing announcements will be made over local broadcast media, Facebook and on our website. The Family Life Ministries website at is a good source for school closing information.


Transportation requests for area schools districts must be turned in by April 1 for the following school year.  Requests turned in after April 1 must be approved by your local school districts Board of Education for approval.


NSCA  students attend a Chapel service held once a week, usually on Friday morning for N-4th grades and Wednesday mornings for 5-12th grade(seperate for 5th & 6th grades). Pastors, missionaries and lay persons are invited to speak to and provide bible based teaching to the students. A free will offering is taken every week for a Haitian child in a Christian school program that NSCA helps to support.


We recognize that your children are our most precious resource. The North Spencer Baptist Church and North Spencer Christian Academy have a written plan to reduce the risk to children of sexual abuse or misconduct. The following measures are in effect to help safeguard your children.

   1. All paid employees of the school, beginning with the Pastor and Administrator, are required to sign release forms and undergo national background screening for criminal records. Volunteers who have regular, ongoing contact with children will be required to sign release forms and to be screened for criminal backgrounds.

  2. Volunteers not familiar to NSCA must wait a minimum of six months before they will be granted access to children in small group settings.

  3. Reference checks will be completed and documented on all employees and volunteers.

Any suspicion of sexual misconduct is to be brought to the attention of the Administrator immediately. Allegations of abuse will be investigated and appropriate action taken.


NSCA believes that all areas of a student’s life must be subject to God’s scrutiny. If a habit or an activity is not pleasing to the Lord, it should not be engaged in. If a Christian cannot engage in an activity with a clear conscience, to Him it is sin. To help foster Christian values in the students, the following conduct code will be expected of all NSCA students: Students will refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages, using tobacco in all forms, using drugs, listening/viewing indecent media, swearing, using indecent language, participating in sexual activity outside of marriage, and dancing. While in school, the students will be taught that these activities are not helpful to a Christian’s life or testimony. Parents are encouraged to establish a similar code of conduct for their homes. If a student is caught participating in any of these activities, he/she will be counseled appropriately.


NSCA stands for a Bible-centered and Christ-centered approach to education. It exists with the students’ needs in mind. Emphasis is placed on the fact that all absolute truth is divine in origin, for God’s Word tells us, “...the Spirit of Truth...will guide you into all truth...” NSCA uses the A BEKA Books curriculum from Pensacola Christian College, Florida, in our Nursery to Eighth grade classes. Bob Jones Press is used for many of our high school classes and in our junior high math classes. The curriculum is traditional in approach. Reading is taught phonetically. Most of the textbooks used are either published by or recommended by A BEKA Books. Other sources are used when deemed appropriate by the Board. Christian textbooks in certain academic fields are sometimes difficult to secure. NSCA realizes the need to utilize secular materials in some cases in order to standardize academic work.


If a student is assigned to detention, parents will be notified so that transportation home can be arranged for the student if it is needed. Detention is mainly given for homework offenses, but may also be assigned as a disciplinary measure or for dress code violations. Students are required to serve an assigned detention the day after it is assigned.   Special arrangements may be made by the faculty supervising detention for the student, usually the faculty who gave out the detention.


Nursery, Pre-K, and Kindergarten: Believing that discipline is necessary for the welfare of the student as well as the entire school, the teacher is given the liberty of making and enforcing classroom regulations in the manner in which he/she feels is in accordance with Christian principles and discipline as set forth in Scripture. North Spencer Christian Academy expects full cooperation from both parent and student in the education of the student. The booklet “Under Loving Command” and the book Dare to Discipline by James Dobson are highly recommended as helps to parents.

First through Twelfth Grade: Effective classroom discipline is a necessary key ingredient for a good learning environment. Discipline at NSCA is not only to achieve this goal but also to help our students learn self-discipline and good character traits. The teacher is responsible to maintain appropriate classroom behavior. To maintain a good learning environment, we expect students to conduct themselves appropriately. Students are expected to abide by the Biblical principle, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Certain behavior is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. The following is not a complete list but is representative of unacceptable behavior: talking without permission, failure to complete assigned work or homework, fighting, lying, stealing, any form of disrespect, cursing, forging another’s name, cheating, and deliberately damaging school or another’s property. Violence, fighting, or threats of any kind, including possession of anything that could be used as a weapon, will be dealt with severely. Students may be expelled for any action or statement associated with violent behavior, including a joke that could be interpreted as a threat. Students’ lockers, book bags, or other storage areas are subject to search upon reasonable suspicion by the school administrator or delegate for prohibited or illegally possessed substances or objects. Students who do not report wrongdoing may be subject to disciplinary action. North Spencer Christian Academy expects full cooperation from both student and parent in the discipline of the student. When misconduct occurs, corrective measures will be used to help the student change his/her behavior and attitude. Examples of typical corrective measures are time-outs, a student-teacher conference, an assigned after-school detention, a student-administrator conference, or a parent–teacher conference. A student assigned after-school detention will be given a note to inform the parent, indicating that action needs to be taken at home so that the teacher is not consumed with behavioral problems but rather academic instruction. This note must be signed and returned the next school day. Failure to return the signed note will result in an additional day of after-school detention. Should a student not stay after school, this will result with a conference with the administrator and additional disciplinary action. Students can be suspended for an accumulation of detentions and for major behavioral problems. When the school feels that student/parent cooperation is lacking, the student may be asked to transfer out. Also, if the behavior of a student indicates an uncooperative spirit, he may be requested to transfer. Attendance at North Spencer Christian Academy is a privilege and not a right. Students may forfeit this privilege if they do not conform to the standards and ideals of work and life at NSCA. North Spencer Christian Academy is above all else a Christian institution in both philosophy and practice. We firmly believe there is no place at NSCA for worldly practices or divisions so common among other institutions. North Spencer Christian Academy has a reputation of having a student body with an excellent spirit with every student treated equally and fairly regardless of nationality, race, or background. Therefore, any student who promotes division or a divisive spirit through secret clubs, symbols, pictures, writing, banners, slogans, or any divisive activism is out of harmony with the standards and Christian philosophy of NSCA and may be withdrawn or refused re-enrollment at the discretion of the administration.


The Bible is not silent on the subject of dress and appearance. 1 Cor 11:4, 7, 14; 1 Tim 2:9; and 1 Peter 3:3-4 all speak to the need for modesty in dress, appearance and deportment. In order to foster biblical principles of dress and appearance, students at NSCA will conform to the following dress code. Any requests for clarification or exemption should be directed to the Administrator. Students should be neat and clean when they arrive at school. Parents will be notified of dress code violations. Repeated violations may result in detention for the student.

Kindergarten-Sixth Grade:

BOYS: Boys are to wear navy blue or khaki dress pants made of corduroy, duck, or similar material (no denim). No cargo pants with outside pockets. No baggy pants. Shirts are to be tucked in and belts must be worn at all times. Boys may wear light blue or white polo shirts with a collar and at least two buttons. Light blue or white dress shirts are also acceptable. Shirt style and color should be as near to the uniform company style as possible. Sleeve length should be appropriate for the weather. Boys may also wear navy blue pullover or cardigan sweaters, and NSCA logo sweatshirts or NSCA fleeces. Outside jackets may not be worn in the classroom. Socks should be white or navy blue. Shoes or sneakers are acceptable for footwear. Boys are NOT to wear earrings or visible necklaces. Boys’ hair must be above the eyebrows, trimmed neatly on the sides, off the ear, and completely off the collar. If a boy’s hair needs to be cut, the administrator or teacher will notify the parents.

GIRLS: NSCA girls are to wear navy blue or khaki jumpers or skirts with shorts underneath, or skorts. Girls’ jumpers/skirts/skorts should be long enough to come within one inch of the top of the knee when sitting or standing. (Girls’ jumpers and skirts may be purchased from the French Toast Company.) They may also wear navy blue or khaki dress pants made of corduroy, duck, or similar material (no denim). Girls may wear white or light blue oxford shirts or polo shirts. Uniform shirts are to be worn tucked in. Tights or socks should be navy blue or white. Shoes, sneakers, or dress boots are acceptable. Flip flops may not be worn at any time. Girls should wear navy blue or white pullover or cardigan sweaters, NSCA logo sweatshirts or NSCA fleeces. Outside jackets may not be worn in the classroom. Girls’ hair should be neatly styled and combed.

Seventh-Twelfth Grade:

MALES: Male students are to wear solid color “Dockers” style cotton twill slacks with inside pockets, belted and worn at the waist. Denim, baggy or flare pants are prohibited. * Dress or polo shirts (striped, solid, or plaid; long or short sleeve). Polo shirts and dress shirts must be tucked in. No designs are allowed on shirts. A brand logo, smaller than an inch, is acceptable on shirts. (i.e. the eagle from American Eagle or the swish from Nike.) • Natural color, clean, neatly trimmed hair. Extreme or bizarre cuts, as well as sideburns below the ear are prohibited. • No earrings or visible necklaces. • Footwear must be clean, with laces tied. Flip-flops are prohibited.

FEMALES: Solid color or printed twill skirts and solid color “Dockers” style twill pants may be worn with the same prohibitions as for male students. • Oxford style dress shirts or polo shirts (striped, solid, or plaid; long or short sleeve). Dress shirts must be tucked in. Tops may not be tight-fitting or have designs. A brand logo, smaller than an inch, is acceptable. • Skirts are required to come within one inch of the knee cap when sitting or standing. Slits may be no more than two inches from the top of the knee. • Girls are expected to maintain a standard of modesty in all clothing. Tops may be no lower than four fingers from the collar bone. • Tasteful, non-distracting jewelry may be worn. Although the wearing of multiple earrings has become common, NSCA girls may wear no more than two sets. These are to be worn in the ear lobes only. • Footwear should be clean, with laces tied and straps fastened. Flip-flops are prohibited. • Natural color, clean, neatly combed or brushed hair. Extreme, bizarre, or non-feminine cuts are prohibited.

All 7-12 Students: • Cardigan, crew neck, or V-neck sweaters may be worn, as well as turtlenecks underneath an “in code” shirt, blouse, or sweater. Blazers are also acceptable. • Fleece and sweatshirt material are not acceptable unless it has an NSCA logo. Outdoor coats or jackets, hooded fleece or sweatshirts are prohibited as indoor wear.

Dress-Down Days: Throughout the year, students will periodically be allowed to wear casual clothes to school rather than their uniform (no more than once/month). These days will be announced in advance through Parent Letters or awarded certificates.  On these days, students are prohibited from wearing clothing imprinted with questionable messages, symbols, or pictures. Both girls and boys may wear jeans or shorts on dress down days; however, shorts should be within one inch of the knee when standing or sitting. Girls will not wear midriffs or miniskirts. Sundresses, tank-tops, or jumpers with thin straps must be worn with a shirt or jacket. The school administration reserves the right to initiate policies on new fads and changes in style during the school year. Students may not wear flip-flops. Students are expected to abide by dress-down regulations at all school functions.

Gym Uniform Policy (for grades K-12): Sneakers are necessary for gym participation for all grades. Grades K-2 are not required to change for gym. Grades 3-6 are required to wear a gym uniform to school on their scheduled gym class days. The administrator, at his discretion, may send a parent note home asking children to not wear their gym uniform to school due to a special school event where school uniforms are deemed necessary. The gym uniform will consist of: a navy blue, gym shirt with a school logo (purchased through the school) and navy blue regulation length athletic pants. No shorts are allowed for these grades. Grades 7-12 are required to change for gym on their gym days. Gym uniforms consist of a navy blue shirt with a school logo (bought through the school) and navy blue regulation length shorts or athletic pants. No sweatpants are allowed. Students will be responsible to keep the locker area free of their personal clothing following each P.E. class or sports practice.


NSCA is first and foremost a private school that strives for academic excellence. This process involves the education of the total person, which means we must do more than impart knowledge and fill our students heads with facts. Therefore, the extra-curricular program in our school is designed to meet needs, build character, develop God-given talents, and ultimately, be a means to serve God and witness for Jesus Christ. To participate is a privlege, which means that certain standards must be maintained.


               1. Before a student participates, he/she must have parental consent and cooperation.

               2. The student is to arrange for his/her own transportation in communication with the person in charge of the activity. (Parental help with transportation is needed.)

               3. The student should learn that “A person’s word is his bond.” This means that once a student signs up for an activity, it is a commitment to practice, perform, and complete the task that is set before them unless providentially hindered.

               4. Students need to realize that participating in an extra-curricular activity places them in a leadership role. As such, they are to set an example for others to follow.


               1. Students participating in extra-curricular activities must achieve at least an average of 80% by the second report card and must maintain this average throughout the time of the activity. (Exceptions may be made only at the discretion of the teachers and administration.)

               2. Report slips are issued every two weeks between report cards. Students failing subjects during this time or who are in detention more than two times during six-week marking period will be ineligible for the activity for two weeks. At that time, grades must be brought to passing and detentions avoided to be reinstated to the activity.

               3. Players are to be in school the day following a week-night game or match in order to be eligible for the next one. (EXCEPTION: injury and/or doctor’s appointment)

               4. If a student is injured and requires medical attention, he/she must have a doctor’s permission to return to the team.

               5. A student can be removed from an activity any time by the principal and/or advisor due to problems in the area of academics and/or attitude. We will not tolerate any conduct or attitude that is not conductive to positive image of our school and our Savior.


Tuition covers approximately 70% of the annual operating costs of NSCA. Gifts, contributions, and fundraisers provide the remaining 30%. In order to offer tuition rates that are affordable, NSCA must have the full support of all parents and the community in its fundraising efforts. Registration Fees are due on or before orientation day (the day before school begins or as communicated and scheduled by the office). However, there is an early discounted Registration Fee if paid by May 1st. Families that pay their entire bill in full prior to the start of school will receive a $100.00 tuition discount. This does not apply to families receiving tuition assistance or scholarships. Tuition is due in full on Orientation Day. However, tuiton may be paid in 10 or 11 equal monthly installments, paid September through June (10 payments) or August through June (11 payments) using SMART Tuition Management Services(SMART). With the monthly payment plan, parents have the option of paying tuition on either the 5th or the 20th of the month. A $45.00 fee will be added to the total annual bill of each family that enrolls in the a monthly payment plan. Students entering or leaving school during a month in progress will have tuition pro-rated for the year with the month in progress counted as a full month owed. Registration fees are paid directly to NSCA. Tuition paid in full will be paid to NSCA directly. A separate enrollment form must be completed for a SMART payment plan, one per family. Monthly payments can be paid to SMART or NSCA. Parents can select to pay via check or money order. Monthly invoices will be mailed/emailed to families by SMART.  Families could also opt to have tuition charges automatically deducted from a bank account at no extra charge. By selecting to have the payments debited from a bank account, families can save postage and minimize the risk of forgetting a payment and incurring late charges. Tuition Late Fees, a fee assessed when an account is not current, is $45.00. An additional late fee of $45.00 will be added to the account each month in which the account is not current. SMART will notify families once a late fee has been posted to the account.

Past-Due Accounts: Students whose accounts are past due shall not be allowed the following:

- Re-enroll for the next school year

- Receive report cards

- Receive academic records for the year in which the accounts are past due transfer or any other reason

A student shall become subject to immediate dismissal from the school whenever an account becomes 60 days past due. Any exception would be made by the Board of Education upon recommendation from the Executive Committee.


The NSCA grading scale is as follows:

A+ 99-100   A 95-98   A- 93-94   B+ 91-92   B 87-90  B- 85-86  

C+ 83-84     C 79-82    C- 77-78   D+ 75-76   D 72-74  D- 70-71  F 0-69

Honor Roll 89.5-94.4     High Honor 94.5-100

Grades K-2 will use letter grades.

Grades 3-12 will use number grades.


Believing that homework is an integral part of the school program, each teacher is at liberty to give homework to aid the students to advance in their studies. Therefore, each student is required to complete his homework assignments on time. Homework is given for several reasons: - Parents are more aware of the work being done by their students. - Parents can witness difficulties experienced by the student as he/she works at his/her assignments. Homework can also help the student overcome these areas of difficulty. - Reinforcement and practice of material presented in class will lead to mastery. - Special projects such as book reports, compositions, research assignments, etc. aid the student in learning the material. - Students need to learn self-discipline to do independent study. We do request parents’ full cooperation in seeing that the assignments are completed. Failure to complete homework can affect the student’s daily grade. Repeated delinquent homework or lack of cooperation to serve earned detentions could result in a student’s suspension. For students in grades 3-6, NSCA uses “Homework Violation Slips.” If a student receives two homework slips from a teacher in one week, he/she will be assigned a detention. Homework slips must be signed by the parent and returned to the teacher at each level.


For the welfare of your child and others, all children who are sick must be kept at home. When a child is well enough to participate in a normal school day, please send hat, coat, etc. as an aid to prevention of future illness. The class does participate in outdoor activities each day, weather permitting. If your child requires medication during school hours and we do not have signed authorization, it will be necessary for you stop by and personally give it to him. Teachers cannot be responsible for carrying out these duties.


Students are encouraged to use the library. Books may be borrowed for a period of one or two weeks. Parents will replace any books that are lost. Students in Nursery to Fourth grade have a regularly scheduled library period once a week.


Articles are taken to Lost and Found and may be redeemed for $.25. This policy has been established to teach our students personal responsibility. Unclaimed Lost and Found items will be sold to students at periodic Lost and Found sales. Lost and Found is open daily before and after school. NSCA is not responsible for lost and stolen items.


Make-up work will be allowed in the case of excused absences. Students who have excused absences will be given one school day for each day absent to turn in make-up work. Students with avoidable absences will be expected to turn in assignments upon the student’s return to school. Any test that was missed due to absence, but was assigned when the student was in class, will be taken the day the student returns. Work that is turned in after the allowable period will be considered late and considered at the teacher’s discretion. Students with unexcused absences will not receive credit for any work missed. Exceptions may be made in make-up work at the discretion of the administration and/or teacher.


If a student is to take any medication while at school, he must have on file in the office the Authorization for Administration. If the medication is by prescription, you must complete the form in the office and have it signed by the physician prescribing the medication. The form is to be completed each school year. The medication to be dispensed will be kept in the school office and dispensed by the school secretary according to the doctor’s instructions.


North Spencer Christian Academy offers private music lessons with Mrs. Wendee Peake each Wednesday. The cost is determined by Mrs. Peake. Students desiring lessons should register for them in the NSCA office immediately following the start of school. Students in K-6 will be having weekly music classes as part of their curriculum studies.


The North Spencer Christian Academy admits students of any race, color, national, or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded to or made available to students at the school. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national, or ethnic origin in the administration of educational, admissions, scholarship and sponsorship, athletic, or any other school administered policies.


Nursery School is for children ages two and three. Any two-year-old entering our Nursery school must be two on or before December 1. Pre-K is for four- year-olds who have turned four on or before December 1. All children in the Nursery and Pre-K classes must be potty-trained.


North Spencer Christian Academy expects that parents enrolling their child be willing to become involved in the volunteer program. Volunteers cover such areas as lunch duty, cleaning, library supervision, yearbook, etc. Each family is asked to contribute 20 hours of volunteer service to the school each year. This is part of the ongoing effort to keep tuition at an affordable level. It also provides students with a model of good citizenship.


Parent-Teacher Meetings will be held two times per year on Monday evenings from 6:00 – 8:15 p.m. Dates will be sent home in a parent letter.


“Patriotism is an inner feeling that is difficult to define; for each of us it has a different emotional reaction-a feeling of pride, gaiety, a lump in the throat and a tear in the eye, a swelling of the chest and a quickened breath, a fierce desire to battle for that which we believe, and even a dedication of one’s life to a cause. Where and when these feelings begin, we do not know, but we feel the school should play an important part in developing patriotism in all aspects. The small child is just beginning to have feelings of loyalty and pride, and these will grow best in an atmosphere of love and security, in aroused interests and broadened fields of knowledge, in chances to work with others, and through good examples in everyday living.” (Excerpt from Planned Patriotism)


Recess will be held outdoors whenever possible. In the winter, students must have appropriate clothing to go outside.


During the months of March and April, presently enrolled students may enroll for the fall term. Students who enroll before May 1 will receive a $25.00 discount on registration.


Report cards are issued approximately every six to eight weeks. Progress report slips will be sent home for students in 3-12 on alternate Mondays showing the pupil’s progress. The report cards and reports slips are due back the next morning bearing the parent’s signature. (It will be necessary to pay a $2.50 replacement fee for a lost report card.) Final report cards will be issued to students when tuition and fees have been paid in full.


Parents or guardians may apply for a scholarship for their child(ren). Scholarships may be granted by the Board up to half the cost of tuition. Scholarship eligibility is based on income. Scholarship decisions are usually made in July for the following school year.


Please feel free to consult with the school office regarding any problems or questions that concern your child. It is the desire of the administration, the faculty, and the staff to be of service to both parent and student, and each faculty member welcomes a visit from any parent. We do urge, however, that such conferences be made by definite appointment with the teacher at a convenient after-school hour. If you need to talk with a member of the faculty, please call the office between 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Your call will be returned as soon as possible after school.


Money should always be sent in a sealed envelope with the following information on the outside:

1. Child’s name

2. Amount and purpose

3. Teacher


North Spencer Christian Academy does offer Hot Lunch for our students each day. The cost is $2.50 per lunch and includes the meal, a beverage, and dessert. Milk and snacks can be purchased separately each day as well. Milk is $.25 and snacks cost $.30-$.50 each. Students may purchase lunch on a day-to-day basis or parents are welcome to establish a lunch/snack account in the office. The monthly calendar contains the menu for hot lunch each day. NSCA students will be able to purchase lunch and snacks on a cash-only basis. Charging will not be allowed. Students forgetting their lunch will be given peanut butter and jelly.


Suspensions are determined by the school administrator. Students can be suspended for any of the following offenses: accumulation of detentions, stealing, using profanity, disrespect of school official, cheating, causing personal injury to someone, open defiance, fighting, repeated misconduct in class, forgery, possessing any items not allowed at school. Decisions for expulsion are made by the administrator and the school board. Students can be expelled for any of the following offenses: accumulation of suspensions, stealing (major or repeated offense), destruction of personal and/or school property, possessing transmitting, displaying or using a weapon, giving, selling, or possessing any alcoholic substance or drug. TARDIES Tardiness is disruptive to the classroom and also has an adverse effect on your child’s educational progress. Any student arriving after 8:15 a.m. must come through the office and have a note stating the reason for tardiness before going to the classroom. An unexcused absence of one half day will be given for every three days a student is marked tardy in a grading period. Students having repeated tardiness may be given detention or other disciplinary action for having frequent tardiness.


We believe that no organization outside our church body has the right to set standards and requirements for our church staff. Therefore, we do not require that our teachers be certified by New York State in order to teach in our Academy. We do require that in most cases, they have a Bachelor’s degree to teach at grade one and higher, have an outstanding Christian testimony, and have an aptitude for teaching.


Students are not permitted to use the school telephone except in cases of emergency or as deemed necessary by the teacher or administration. We also ask that cellular phones not be in use while school is in session (8:30-2:30).   This includes texting, email, or other internet based social media.   Cell phones may be used as productivity tools during education, but only as the classroom teacher deems appropriate. 


We believe that written texts must include God’s truth. Therefore, our textbooks are all written from the Christian perspective.


Registration Fee: Nursery-12th grade: $50.00/student ($100.00/family) before May 1st $75.00/student ($125.00/family) after May 1st

Book and Materials Fee: Nursery: $125.00 per year, part-time and full-time, per student Pre-K: $175.00 per year, part-time and full-time, per student K-6: $200.00 per year, per student 7-12th Grade: $250.00 per year, per student

Technology Fee: K-12: $25.00 per year, per student

Athletic Fee: 7-12th Grade: $25.00 per year, per student (optional) 2012-2013

Tuition Schedule:

    Nursery and Pre-K Tuition: Half-Day (8:30 - 11:30) $20.00 per day/ $75.00 per week Full-Day (8:30 - 2:30) $30.00 per day/$125.00 per week

   First time student in K and above receive a 10% discount.

   Grades K-6:

      First Child: $2,900    Second Child: $2,550    Third Child: $2,350    Fourth Child: $1,500     Fifth Child: $1,000    Sixth Child: $1,000

   Grades  7-12:

      $3,200 There are no multiple child discounts in grades 7-12.

   Families who are members of Bible Baptist Church of North Spencer receive a 25% discount on tuition.

Note: As of the time of printing, the IRS was allowing tax deductions for Nursery, Pre-K, and Kindergarten tuition payments. Please consult your tax accountant for rules for the 2012 tax year.


Parents are requested to stop by the office if they need to leave something for the student or teacher or if they have to pick up the student. Please do not go directly to the classroom, as this interrupts the teaching. All other visitors must also report to the office upon arrival so their presence in the building is known.


All withdrawals from school must be in writing (email or hardcopy) and go through the school office. Students having attended one day or more of any month will owe the full month’s tuition. If a student is withdrawn or does not return the following year, records will only be released when all bills are paid.

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