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35 Years - God is Faithful!!

Friends, visitors, I find it hard to write words to express how thankful our church, our faculty and staff are that God has blessed the North Spencer Christian Academy and the North Spencer Baptist Church with the honor to educate students for thirty-five years.   I praise God that He planted the vision, has provided resources, and sincerely continues to bless families and students through this ministry.  

Throughout the decades that the school has been here, hundreds of families have benefitted, tens of thousands of dollars have been given to families for financial aid, hundreds of thousands of dollars have been poured into the building, our programs, and people.   I'm here to testify that God is faithful.   He has surely planted this school, shepherded it through the years, and continues to care for our needs.  

I am very thankful to be part of this mission.  I would like to ask anyone that is reading this to stop and pray a prayer of thanks to God for His immense blessing, pray for His mission for our church and school, pray for His consistent provision, and pray for the great good God has worked through the actions and love of people that have served here over the years. 

May God be with NSCA, NSBC, and your family!


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