Vowel's, Consonant's and Blend Ladders

We have been very busy little learners in Pre-K the past couple months! We have been learning about the differences between vowels and consonants, as well as working on blending them together to form short three letter words. They are becoming masters at sounding out the letters to read the words. They are also counting to 30 and recognizing the numbers when they see them in the classroom and around the school. We encourage you to take a moment and ask your child to sing you the "Vowel Song" or write a simple three letter word and help them to sound it out, we belive you will be amazed by the amount of information they have absorbed so far this school year.

Little Tree Apple Orchard

Our First Field Trip!

What fun we had learning and exploring at Little Tree apple orchard. We learned about many different kinds of fruits and the trees that they grow on. We especially enjoyed learing about the apples and getting to fill our bags with the apples we picked! We got to see where and how apple cider was made and the process in which the apples go to turn into cider! We had beautiful weather and fun time together with our class!



Class picture

Cider Making


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