ABC's and 123's

We have had a wonderful past couple months getting to know every child and watching them grow by leaps and bounds since the start of school.We have been very busy learning many new letters and numbers. We can recognize all of our letters A through F as well as the sounds that go with them. As for numbers we have been working on counting to 15 and recognizing those numbers in the classroom along with other places we may see them. We encourage you to ask your child about recognizing different letters and numbers as well as the Bible verses they have been working on to encourage learning both in and out of the classroom.







Little Tree Apple Orchard

Our First Field Trip!

What fun we had learning and exploring at Little Tree apple orchard. We learned about many different kinds of fruits and the trees that they grow on. We especially enjoyed learing about the apples and getting to fill our bags with the apples we picked! We got to see where and how apple cider was made and the process in which the apples go to turn into cider! We had beautiful weather and fun time together with our class!


Class picture



Cider Making


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