Spring Trip 2013 - Boldt Castle and Fort Ontario Trip


Fieldtrip anyone? It took a few days of deciding and voting, but it was clearly unanimous that the students and teachers of the NSCA high school and middle school wanted to visit two places for theBC1 annual school field trip; Fort Ontario in Oswego, NY and Boldt Castle in Alexandria Bay, NY.

On our trip in May, the students, staff, and parents enjoyed “physically experiencing history,” as high school teacher, Mr. Foster stated. The students and staff were able to explore the fort, see how exactly it was intended to look and how to be used, and got to explore the grounds of Boldt castle as well.

BC2While exploring, everyone also had the opportunity to learn the history behind each of these landmarks. Many students were intrigued by the interesting facts about the castle and the fort. High school sophomore, Ashley King says a rather fascinating fact that she had learned about the castle is that no one had ever lived there and that it was never completely finished. Another high school student, freshmen, Jennifer Williams found it interesting that the “conditions of the soldiers at Fort Ontario were less than favorable.”  You can say that again.

Students, staff, and parents not only appreciated the history behind these two sights but also the “beauty of where we were” as high school teacher, Mrs. Bobby stated.  The elegance of the castle, and the architecture of the fort and the buildings within it were more than eye-catching and lovely to experience. It is a pleasure to hear the very positive feedback from all of the staff and students and to hear that many of them wish to go again!

Needless to say, the field trip was a very profitable experience for each individual person that attended. Whether the profit from the experience came from gaining knowledge or beingBC3 able to see all of the enriching details of Boldt Caste or the historical buildings of Fort Ontario, it was profitable. Recommendations definitely go out to those who have never been to either of these places, and that it was definitely worth the drive!

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