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I will give missing homework notices at the start of each week. Parents, you will need to sign these notices. Each notice will have a due date on it, any missing work not turned in by that due date will be counted as a zero in the book. I will do my best to email you if your student is given the a missing homework notice.

7/8 History

We have ended the Assyrians, Babylonians, and Persians and are moving into the Greeks! This week we will look at the origin of the Greeks, some mythology, and start into the conflicts of Athens and Sparta, and the conflict with the Persians.

Homework this week: Mon. - Terms, p 67; Wed. - none; Thurs. - Questions, p 53

7/8 Study Skills

We are looking at learning styles and intelligences. This week we will look at visual-spatial inteligence, verbal-linguistic intelligence, and bodily-kinesthetic intelligence.

Homework this week: none; I am figuring out a culminating project for this unit, but more info will be sent home when I assign it.

7/8 Bible

We are moving right along in Exodus. We will spend part of this week looking at the directions for the tabernacle. Then we will look at the incident involving the golden calf, and hopefully wrap up the book by the end of the week.

Homework: Mon. - Chapter summaries: 32, 39, 40; Thurs. - QUIZ on 10 Commandments;

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