Goodbye Seniors, Thank you all for a great season!

Raiders Basketball has wrapped up the 2014-2015 campaign, but not before some great things happened.    Ashley King was named All League and helped the ESCAL league team take on NYPENN.   Ashley King, Maddy Pasto, and Kelsey Crance were all recognized as ESCAL All stars.  Our thanks to Olivia Frandsen for playing in the All Star game as an alternate a couple of the other team members were sick.   Kelsey rocked her way into the 500 Club.   Finally, our Lady Raiders made their first ever ESCAL Playoff Appearance.  In spite the loss to our friends from Cortland, we were all very proud of the immense effort and great attitude our ladies brought into and out of this season.    Special thanks to Jenn Barber, Emily Minor, Kathleen Frandsen, and Dominique Everhart for loving on our ladies. 

Our boys continued to develop and played with tremendous heart.  It takes the right set of characateristics to continue to develop your skills  while running into varsity sized buzz saws each game.   Coaches Rodney Bouchey and Joe Zanovitch saw to it that each boy gave his best effort.   It was truly amazing to the skills gap close as the year progressed.   Praise God for the amazing character displayed by each boy before, during, and after each game.   We look forward their continued competition and maturity next year. 

May all glory and honor be to the Lord Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and God our Father for all He has blessed our program with. 

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