The Biblical Emphasis

NSCA is a unique school whose emphasis is discipleship. It is our desire that our students willingly desire to grow in Christ and we provide them with every opportunity to do just that.

S.E.W.— Spiritual Emphasis Week. Every year our high school students take a week from the normal academic grind and get away, literally.

Biblically integrated curriculum — All subjects are taught from a Biblical perspective using A BEKA or Bob Jones based curricula.  This is especially significant in science and history.  Faculty often go past the content to integrate biblical concepts and challenge students to develop and expand the application of a Biblical world view to the material being taught.


Academic Rigor

While we do our utmost to accommodate students who struggle academically, we take pride in the rigor of the classes. Students learn a great work ethic, are constantly challenged, and encouraged to put their all into every assignment, project, and essay. Kindergarten students learn to read and seventh grade students are conducting science lab experiments.

Missions Trips

Though not required, high school students are challenged to get involved and support missions trips. God calls us to go into all the world and preach the gospel – we model that and give students the opportunity to do so as well.    During the 2011-2012 school year we were very blessed to be able to send a team of faculty and high school students to Haiti to serve.   God changed lives forever!

Technology Lab

Our new lab allows students the ability to create using the latest technology. Students have made their own animations, reworked digital photos, written computer programs, and this year will learn to make short movies.  We strive to leverage technology in new creative ways every year.


We continue to invest in and rigorously defend our athletics program. NSCA is unique in that it is the only Christian school in the area to offer a tennis team. We continue to build, develop, and enjoy our competitve junior and senior high Soccer, Co-Ed Basketball, and Volleyball teams.    It is important for spiritual health to keep the body fit and in good condition.

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