About Us

Our Purpose
The purpose of BBCNS is to love God, love others, and serve both.

Our Mission
The mission of BBCNS is to worship God and to serve Him, each other, and people everywhere. In the power of the Holy Spirit, we do this by Exalting God, and equipping people for works of ministry, including edifying believers, encouraging others, and evangelizing the lost.

Our Vision
We are to be a community of believers who, by the leading of the Holy Spirit, evangelize, encourage, educate, equip, ourselves and serve one another to exalt God.


  • North Spencer Christian Academy
  • Sunday School Classes
  • Mothers of PreSchoolers—MOPS
  • Youth Group
  • Small Groups
  • Haiti Missionaries—the Lockwood's
  • Haiti Orphanage
  • Haiti Missions Teams
  • Destinobles Family Relief
  • Missionary Support

Strategic Ministry Plan - 2012 And Beyond

Last Updated: 11/16/12

BBCNS has currently formed a committee and is beginning the next strategic planning cycle for the church and all of its ministries.   If you would like to know more about this process, the committee, or its outcome, please contact the church office.     We're committed to ensuring we care for and plan for God's provision here in North Spencer!


"Where there is no vision, the people are unrestrained, But happy is he who keeps the law."

--Proverbs 29:18

In 2007, the leaders of the church realized afresh the meaning of these proverbial words. After reviewing the history of the church and remembering what God has done in times past, we concluded that it was time to petition God for a fresh vision. After two years of periodic, prayerful labor, the church planning committee developed this strategic ministry plan.

This plan is notable for what it proposes, but also for what it does not yet propose. We are growing and estimate that this pace will cause us to outgrow the sanctuary in two years. We are not proposing a new sanctuary at this time, but are looking for better stewardship of the facilities that God has already blessed us with.

We are looking to three major areas of ministry in the future: Spiritual Growth and Commitment within the congregation; Outreach to the Community; and, Stewardship of our current resources. Thus, we will look within the congregation, outside the congregation, and at the facility itself.

The following pages contain descriptions of several major ministry initiatives. Please keep in mind that the ideas and cost estimates are very fluid at this time. Much more specific work needs to be done before final plans and budgets can be completed.

We understand that the Lord may choose to change any or all of our plans. This document is a guide, not a rule. We will use it as a helpful roadmap to the future, but will be open to whatever surprises the Lord may bring up along the way. We know He often delights in giving unexpected blessings and opportunities.

If you are new to our church family, we hope this document will give you a taste of what our church is all about and where we desire to go in the future. Whether new or you've been here awhile, we look forward to serving God faithfully and fulfilling some of these dreams in the coming years, or until Christ returns!

~ Pastor, Elders, Deacons, and Trustees



2012 and Beyond Proposed Initiatives

  • Begin a Capital Campaign for Church and NSCA
  • Begin an Endowment Campaign
  • Purchase a Sound System for NSCA
Spiritual Growth And Commitment
  • Expand the Biblical Counseling Ministry
  • Expand the Opportunities and Resources for Spiritual Growth
  • Offer Retreat Opportunities
Outreach to the Community
  • Explore a Summer Sports or Other Summer Camp
  • Host Christian Music and Other Events
  • Offer a Class on Biblical Principles of Finance
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