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NSCA stands for Bible-centered and Christ-centered approach to education.

Our Elementary grades rely on the A Beka program as a primary source for our curriculum.   
We also use materials from Bob Jones University and other Christian publishers to deliver excellent content to our students.

For our High School and Middle School, NSCA blends both the A Beka and the Bob Jones University materials.   We feel that this fosters critical thinking skills and both have great Biblical integration in each subject.  

Other sources are used when deemed appropriate by the NSCA Board of Education. NSCA realizes the need to utilize secular materials in some cases in order to standardize academic work.   We are committed to constantly reviewing and improving our course of curriculum to ensure the highest level of academic standards.


NYS Regents
NSCA is a NYSED registered Secondary School.    NSCA offers diplomas with the NYS Regents designation as well as NYS Regents diplomas with an advanced designation in Math or Science.    Starting with our 2013-2014 school year, required NYS Regents testing will be administered on site.


Updated:  06/11/2013

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